[ öðîä ] user£º password£º home product kyphoplasty balloon catheter kmc kyphoplasty tool kit kmc puncture needle therapy osteoporosis kyphoplasty case analyse download about us contact us kinetic news careers home osteoporosis kyphoplasty case analyse balloon kyphoplasty     first drill on the compressed vertebral body, then send a 15mm diameter balloon into the body. Afterwards, inflate the balloon until it can hold up the compressed body back to the normal position. buy generic viagra online overnight Then take out the balloon, insert the bone cement to the empty body through the working pathway. When the bone cement gets dry, it¡¯ll be even harder than the original sclerotin. It¡¯ll ensure the regained height of the vertebral body and keep the correction of the deformity. Features minimally invasive surgery to minimize the injury and bleeding. Operation is easy and takes 40 minutes. cheap generic viagra Regional anesthesia is applicapable. viagra generic cheapest Low operation risk and less complications. viagra online without prescription Fast recovery without other effect. http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-cheap-viagra-online-no-rx-yl/ Pain relief, reinforce the compressed vertebral body and help the patient to get off the bed with protector 1 to 3 days after the operation. Indications vertebral compression factures caused by osteoporosis vertebral compression factures caused by osteolytic pathology £¬eg. buy generic viagra Verterbral hemangioma sclerotin damage caused by malignant bone tumor with fracture risk should be treated together with surgery contraindications bone protruded backwards, or tumor lumps in the rear side, which may involve the vertebral canal. buy generic viagra online overnight Patients with coagulation disorders patients with severe cardiopulmonary diseases patients with osteomyelitis, or existing systemic infection.   operation procedure [mark the operation position] have the patient in a prone position, monitor the compression vertebral body to be operated by fluoroscopy and mark the pedicle level on the skin. viagra samples [puncture] after routine sterilization and anesthetization, make a 0. viagra no prescription 5cm skin incision and insert a kmc puncture needle through the lateral of pedicle into the front 1/3 vertebral body; [establish a working pathway] remove the stylet of the puncture needle and leave the needle lumen of the puncture needle through the pedicle. comparison between viagra and viagra Insert a guide pin through the needle lumen into the vertebral body and remove the needle lumen and keep the guide pin in the vertebrae. buy generic viagra online overnight Via t. natural herbs for viagra viagra vs viagra wikipedia OffOffline Developments is comming online soon.