Can be the major symptom. Low dose amitriptyline (10 -20 mg) taken at night is very effective. buy viagra online This is an anti-depressant medication but at low doses the effect has nothing to do with treating depression. viagra for sale The medication works as a "pain modulator". It seems to decrease “unpleasant traffic” in nerves carrying visceral sensations from the abdomen to the brain. viagra without a doctor prescription In medical terms – it inhibits afferent pathways. cheap viagra online Anti-spasmodics such as colofac or buscupan can be tried but have some side-effects - less effective than amitriptyline. The ssri type of anti-depressants may have a similar effect and have the advantage of not increasing problems with constipation. buy generic viagra I usually use ciprimal (citalopram). cheap viagra Aropax (paroxetine) has an advantage if there are problems with anxiety or panic attacks. viagra pregnant women I usually start at half the usual dose recommended for treating depression (1/2 tab at night). viagra pregnant women Abdominal bloating this has an association with irritable bowel syndrome but also be an isolated symptom.   the cause is unknown (idiopathic). generic viagra soft gel capsule Typically the abdomen feels comfortable and looks flat in the morning then there is gradually increasing distension during the day. viagra pregnant women   there may or may not be increasing bloating after meals. Studies have shown that the amount of gas in the abdomen is increased but only to a modest degree. There seems to be a cyclical (daily) pattern of relaxation of abdominal muscles and a relaxation in the muscular tone of the bowel allowing the abdominal contents including gas to fill a larger space. buy viagra Sometimes the distension is dramatic and is described as feeling like “i am 6 months pregnant”. The symptoms are difficult to treat. Some investigation is required – usually an abdominal ultrasound and sometimes a colonoscopy. buy generic viagra 100mg   reassurance of normality is helpful. How to get a prescription for viagra Diet to reduce wind formation has some effect. youtube 36 hour viagra Exercises to increase tone in abdominal muscles are helpful and weight loss to counteract the trend to central obesity is also important. e' meglio viagra o viagra Constipation may have a contribution to the symptoms. Antibiotics of a specific type have been promoted because of possible "bacterial overgrowth".   suitable antibiotics are not available in nz. Gynaecological a. How many mg viagra should i take  





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